Seksueel geweld in conflictsituaties: Hoe effectief te vervolgen?

In many conflicts around the world, sexual violence has been committed against women, men and children alike. Yet, despite the high occurrence of sexual violence in conflict and its enormous potential to destroy individual lives and communities and societies at large, perpetrators of these crimes have often not been prosecuted thereof. Prosecutions before international criminal tribunals are relatively low, although prosecutions are increasing. On the national level, prosecution of sexual violence is very often even minimal or non-existent. The investigation and prosecution of conflict-related sexual violence has recently, however, received more attention all over the world, in particular through the United Kingdom’s Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative. Nevertheless, before we can effectively improve the investigation and prosecution of sexual violence in conflict, we need to understand what we are discussing.  This lecture discusses some of the least addressed realities surrounding sexual violence in conflict, which are important to discuss in order to investigate and prosecute fully the variety of sexual violence on the national and international levels.  It will focus on the variety of sexual violence in conflict, by looking at male sexual violence and female perpetrators of sexual violence; the reluctancy to address sexual violence in conflict and where this reluctancy may be stemming from; and finally, the ways forward in investigating and prosecuting sexual violence in conflict with the varieties, realities and complexities of sexual violence in conflict in mind.

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